IMG_5150American Elm trees were very common until the late 70’s when Dutch Elm Disease (DED) began affecting Elm trees. Our property has one last American Elm on the back of 6 North tee which we have been treating every three years to keep it healthy.

Dutch Elm DiseaseĀ is a fungus transmitted by Elm Bark Beetles or by root grafts where trees are growing in rows. The treatment done by our Arborist consists of a method known as a protective Macro-infusion of a fungicide where 55 gallons of diluted product is injected directly into the xylem vascular tissue of the tree. A plastic harness (tubing) is installed around the root flare of the tree (see photo) and the material is pumped in at 15 lbs/square inch. This method will give 99.5 % control of a symptomless tree for three growing seasons.