You have likely seen our Arborist removing some trees along the front drive. This has been an ongoing project over the last 15 years to remove the aging population of Norway Maples that have signs of Verticillium Wilt. This disease shows up during the first pressure of drought and is evidenced by the sudden wilting and browning of entire limbs and sections of the canopy. Many of these Norway Maples are also ridden with areas of internal decay and Carpenter Ants associated with this decay. Every storm event we get some large limbs that shed potentially creating driving hazards. Two Norway spruce adjacent to 9 North Tee were also removed which will all be replaced with both Sugar and Red Sunset Maples. This will add uniformity to the tree all along the front drive. Many members have commented on what a nice display of fall color was experienced this past season and this will only be enhanced with the replacement with new trees. The inbound lane was completed last winter and there will be just one more section left to complete next winter.

Previous Winters Tree Replacement