Yoga Class Descriptions

Mary Currie

Balance, the most important aspect of one’s health, and it is without a doubt the one thing “We all lose” as we age. Regular Balance training forces us to “See” and “Correct” these imbalances that quietly occur in our day to day life over time. In this barefoot class, accessing the most sensitive nerves in the feet we push ourselves into a different model of training that creates a solid, strong foundation for channeling stability back up into the core – reeducating you brain- body connection. 

This class is for everyone, a great class to begin a yoga practice.


Mary Currie

Start here to develop a technically strong yoga practice. This class teaches the foundational principles behind all yoga poses.  Greatly improve your Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and range of motion by practicing a repeated sequence of lunges, high planks, twisting and balance postures, along with deep stretches linking the moving of your body with natural rhythm of your breath.  

All are welcome –having experience with Balance class is recommended.

Mary Currie/Beth Sheehy

This gracefully moving warm class teaches students how to safely transition from one pose to the next. The sequences are designed to greatly improve strength, flexibility, balance, and body awareness. Each class will end with rest (shavasana) and brief meditation. This class is energetic and invigorating as well as relaxing with great music!

Some experience with Yoga Foundations is recommended, but all levels are welcome.

Beth Sheehy

Get your day off to a great start with this dynamic and physically challenging 60 minute yoga class held in a heated studio. If you are looking for a great cardio workout wanting to build solid core strength while cultivating a great sense of balance this is the class for you.

 Intermediate to advanced levels of yoga experience necessary.

Beth Sheehy

Experience deep relaxation and release tension in this warm class with beautiful relaxing music. Postures are performed standing, sitting and lying on the mat. Heal your body and settle your mind.

No yoga experience necessary.

As with any new sport you are interested in learning   – proper technical skill is required for optimal performance. We highly recommend and are available for private One-to-One sessions and/or private classes.