WCC Book Club

For all you ladies who like to read, we have selected for our Tuesday, July 11th meeting Helen Simonson’s delightful, historical novel, The Summer before the WarNote that we are holding our meeting on the 11th which is the second Tuesday of the month because the first Tuesday falls on a holiday.  Hugh Grange has left his medical studies for a short visit with his Aunt Agatha who lives in the small, coastal town of Rye in East Sussex, England. It is 1914, and there is talk about the Balkan problem as Agatha’s husband works in the Foreign Office.  Agatha has her own concerns as she has just recommended a female for the Latin master position at the local school which is really shocking as everyone knows that only men can teach Latin.  Problems abound as opponents fight Miss Nash’s appointment with sly, social maneuvers that Agatha finds hard to deflect.  Life in once peaceful, rather sleepy Rye, becomes even more contorted when the Balkan problem results in war and loved ones leave for the front.  Simonson is really a master of her art as she pokes fun at the provincial manners in Rye and then depicts the turbulent period as England enters the war sending Hugh and others to fight, perhaps even to die, but certainly to be changed by the war.  Join us on July 11th at 4:00 pm in the Ladies’ Locker Room as Janet Robinson leads the discussion of this witty, enchanting book that takes us back to a small English town just before the Great War.

Our August selection, The Water is Wide, is Pat Conroy’s moving memoir of his year teaching the black children on Yamacraw Island.  He will encounter many obstacles in trying to teach these children, some of whom cannot read or even write their name, but Conroy is dedicated and willing to try all types of unconventional techniques to reach them.  This book is a joy to read as Conroy has a great story to tell.