Today we applied a selective herbicide to the “bluegrass swales” at 1 and 14 North. These areas were originally sodded with pure Kentucky Bluegrass. Through the years Bentgrass, Poa Annua, and Crabgrass populations have developed in the swales creating a poor appearance during the summer. A major issue is we use rotary action mowers to cut the bluegrass swales which tends to scalp the Bentgrass and Poa Annua populations.

In the next few weeks the weeds in these swales will begin to turn white and then a brown color. As the weeds die off, we will support the Kentucky Bluegrass populations with higher rates of fertilizer. We will also be applying Kentucky Bluegrass seed to help fill in bare spots that may develop. With cooperative weather the transition should be quick and have minimal affect on the playability of the swales.