On August 22nd the grounds crew began aerification on the South Course and finished on the evening of the 23rd. Greens were aerified with a 1/2″ coring tine at a 2 x 2 inch spacing. The cores were collected and the holes were filled with kiln dried sand. After this process, the DryJect company arrived and injected sand into the greens at a 3×3 inch spacing. Once the greens dried the surfaces were brushed, rolled, and fertilized. We will begin mowing greens once the sand has settled and we feel there will be minimal damage to the mowers.



On tees and approaches, we utilized a different tine than years prior called a Greenbay tine. It is a larger 3/4″ coring tine which seems to be more successful at pulling a core than previous tines used on tees and approaches. Tees have had an issue of excessive thatch and we have had trouble removing it, so we used a closer spacing at 1.5 x  2.5 inches. The cores were cleaned up on the tees and approaches, then topdressed and brushed in.

While greens and tees were completed we also topdressed fairways with sand and followed that with a 3/4″ solid tine at 2.5 x 2.5  inch spacing. The sand was then watered in and the fairways were rolled to smooth and firm the surface. With fresh holes punched on all playing surfaces they tend to dry out quicker than normal. For this reason and the expectation of warmer temperatures, we will be watering more frequently throughout the day to help continue the healing process. The North Course aeration has been postponed and will begin on October 9th.