South Course aeration has concluded and the healing process has started.  This years procedures included pulling half inch cores on greens, tees, and approaches; Dryjecting greens; gradening tees and approaches; solid tining and slicing fairways; and topdressing all bentgrass playing surfaces.  The slicing of fairways is a new added process for us that is dedicated to our ongoing efforts to reduce thatch, as well as promote better root growth and an overall healthy soil.  Everything went well with only a few minor hiccups due to issues with equipment.  The aftermath of use of the gradens on tees and approaches and the slicer on the fairways is the most noticeable.  On tees and approaches the edges of the graden lines are brown due to the aggressive nature of the verticutting process.  Fertilizer has been applied in order to aid in recovery.  Throughout all the fairways you will notice brown lines about 4 or 5 inches in length.  They are from the slicer.  The brown appearance is caused by the plants being cut from the base of the plant.  These lines should heal in a week or two.