The golf course has sustained far less damage than expected considering the conditions that were present. We were very lucky. However, we do have pretty big mess facing us just the same. General limb damage and overall leaf debris is as bad as anticipated. Bunkers of the North are substantially washed out as would be expected with the more than 6.5 inches of rain during the event. All bunkers of both North and South are totally full of leaves. Clearly, clean-up will be a major effort and will be very time consuming. We did loose three trees on property, none of which will have significant impact nor need to be replaced.

Once road travel was allowed and we could get some labor in place, clean-up began Tuesday mid-morning. We have concentrated on front entrance, clubhouse, and parking areas. Unfortunately, wet conditions will initially delay extending these efforts to the turf surfaces, and as drying conditions improve, progress will remain restricted to that which will not create more damage. As of this writing, we are working in very limited areas of the courses. We are sticking close to paths and traveling on foot to consolidate limbs and stick debris which will collected and hauled to the dump when conditions allow. North course bunker work has begun pumping out standing water and restoring sand to the washed out sides. Once more equipment can be introduced with drier conditions, leaf clean-up will continue in earnest and we can return to more normal conditions.

In conclusion, returning to conditions prior to the storm will depend on weather and speed of drying. This may take longer than the normal 2 or 3 days typical of mid season. Green and tee surfaces have been cleared for play, but carts are restricted from the South course and paths only on the North and may remain so for a short period.
We very much appreciate your patience and support during this period of disruption.[slideshow]