Paver Installation

It appears that we will have a relatively lengthy January thaw that should bode well for much of our outdoor activities, as well as a better opportunity for some winter golf. It may even help overall with the skating rink status when colder conditions eventually return. The improved conditions should allow us to continue to relocate some soil fill material needed for our two most significant projects currently in progress. Grading and fine tuning both sides of the new car t path on #4 South up to #5 Tee are our most immediate concerns as we prepare for final sod installation to complete the path work. We are also intending to move a good amount of material needed to raise the grade in the rough area left of #6 North fairway. We need to establish the final grades prior to installing tree and shrub materials before finishing with the sod installment. Additionally, bunker work on both courses continues at a steady pace. Most of this activity is directed toward reestablishment of sod edges and bunker shapes that have been damaged or have naturally migrated with age. This work is a bit tedious in nature and progresses slowly, but it is most beneficial for the presentation of these important features. With this in mind, we dedicate as many hours as possible during the off-season to accomplish as much as we can in this area each and every year. Lastly, the supportive weather should allow us to complete the paver brick installation in the area of #5 South Tee and the Halfway House. This area has historically been somewhat of a challenge to maintain acceptable turf conditions due to traffic and drainage challenges. The changes made should allow us to control those elements and insure an improved and consistent presentation throughout the year.