On this past Sunday, the grounds crew began North course aerification at 3:00 p.m. with the looming forecast of substantial rain on Monday. Greens were completed on Sunday evening with 1/2 inch cores pulled and removed. This was accomplished by¬†widening the spacing from the usual 1.5 inches to 2 inches between each hole. Fairways were also completed up to 10 North with 7/8 cores pulled and processed. The cores are processed by first drying to a desired moisture then drug with a “tine harrow” mat. This breaks the soil from the thatch and works the soil back into the holes. The thatch is then blown off the fairway with blowers and picked up in the rough with a vacuum.

From Sunday night into most of Monday we received over 2 inches and put a hold on aerification for all of Monday. Tuesday the greens were very soft but we still managed to perform the Dryject process where a company comes in and injects sand into the greens. The sand is injected with water which kept the greens very soft and wet.

On Tuesday we were able to complete aerification processes by aerifying tees and approaches with 5/8 inch cores pulled and removed. North greens were brushed and rolled smooth. Fairway aerification was completed although a rain storm in the afternoon made things a little sloppy on the last few holes.

Today, greens were fertilized to help initiate growth, although forecasted cooler temperatures could slow the healing process.


6 North Green 4/24/15