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  • All Senior Members are required to purchase 4 shares of stock. The Club extends an option to defer the purchase of 3 of those 4 shares. If you elect to participate in the deferred stock plan, you must purchase one share at this time with future shares being purchased over the next three successive years at a time based upon your election date. The price of those shares may be adjusted going forward. Additionally, a 3% carrying fee will be assessed to the outstanding value of the deferred shares.

  • The period for the food minimum begins April 1st and ends March 31st. Members may select one of two options to fulfill their minimum spending responsibility: Annually, Semi-annually. The Annual option is billed in advance and allows a member the flexibility to complete their spending over the entire twelve month period. Semi-Annual is “pay-as-you-go” but require that the pro-rated portion of minimum spending be fulfilled in each period regardless of the total food purchased during any one period. Each year, you will receive a form to be completed, indicating your preference to fulfill this responsibility. Once your selection for the year has been made, it may not be altered until the next annual food minimum cycle.