We have now totally grown in following aeration of the South. With the acquisition of new brushing devices to stand the grass up prior to mowing, we will now aggressively attack that portion of the population that grows laterally. The first couple of days of brushing will unfortunately slow the green speed a bit as it takes a couple of applications and mowing to get the best cut. By the weekend, we are anticipating excellent ball roll and much better green speed.

Secondly….the accompanying photo illustrates unacceptable abuse to your golf course. We have taken note that increased practice activity has been increasing on the courses proper, but this incident is well beyond the worst we have seen so far. Please be advised, practicing on the courses proper is not allowed.

Thirdly….. the Royal Gala apples found in the orchard are now ripe. These apples are very sweet and flavorful and great for eating or baking. They have been identified with green ribbons. Please enjoy while they last.