Men’s Golf GAP Submission Confirmation

Thank you for filling out the 2021 GAP Availability Form.

Please see below for a few important notes:


  • The matches consist of a 12 man team from one GAP club, playing against a 12 man team from another GAP club.
  • Each WCC team will be placed in a group of 4 clubs from the same division (a division is an indication of past playing ability), and there is a round-robin type of contest where each club plays the other 3 clubs in their group.  Six players from the WCC team will play the match at WCC and six players from WCC will travel to the opposing club to play at their course.
  • Players are paired in foursomes with 2 players from WCC and 2 players from the opponent club.
  • Players will play an individual match against one of the opponent club players and a better ball of partners match (the 2 WCC members against the 2 members of the opposing club).
  • All matches are played at scratch (no handicaps involved). (Based on the division the team is playing in there should be relative parity amongst teams. The first team is in the A division, and the second and third teams are in the D division.
  • There are points for each match and the total points for all matches are summed to determine the winning club for the match.
  • The club that finishes first in the group of 4 will move up a division next year, and the club that finishes last within the group will move down a division next year. This keeps each division relatively competitive each year.
  • Based on performance, there is a possibility of a challenge/playoff match on May 8.