Membership Proposal Package



Please copy or bookmark the above web address for direct access to the proposal package page. 

Below you will find information regarding the candidate consideration process and submittal requirements.  If you have any questions, please contact Meghan Spero, Membership Development Manager at 655-6171.

  • You may also CLICK HERE for the Proposal Package in PDF form or click on the buttons below to complete the digital versions.

Candidate Consideration Process

The decision to place the candidate in the Candidate Pool is made by the Membership Committee. After the Membership Committee has reviewed the candidate’s proposal, an email broadcasting the candidate will be sent to the membership. Once a candidate has been placed in the Candidate Pool, the Membership Committee must wait a minimum of one month before it can vote on a candidate. Once it has done so, the Proposer will be notified of the Committee’s decision. Acceptance or rejection for election to the membership is made by the Membership Committee. A newly elected member must then meet with the General Manager for a Club orientation before they can use the Club. The new member and associate member, when applicable, are then listed under Newly Elected Members in the Club Bulletin.  Those members participating in the proposal of a candidate are reminded that they are directly responsible for perpetuating the outstanding quality of our membership. It is extremely important that a candidate’s nomination be given careful consideration and forethought before submitting to the Membership Committee.

Requirements Needed to Submit the Proposal Package

Click on the buttons below to complete the following requirements:
1. A $500 refundable deposit from the candidate being proposed for Senior membership.
2. A Candidate Fact Sheet filled out by the candidate and signed by the Candidate.
3. The Candidate Worksheet, completed in full.
4. The Proposer’s, Seconder’s, and two other member Support Letters or Questionnaires.