Group Class Descriptions

Boot Camp
Beth Sheehy

Laugh while you sweat! Use a variety of equipment to condition your entire body.  This class incorporates cardio bursts, strength training and core development. This all around conditioning class is a great way to get back into exercising, maintain, or improve your fitness level.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness welcome.

Beth Sheehy

Cardio, Core, and Strength!  These are the fundamental elements of each class.  Leave feeling energized, strong, and ready to participate in your sport!

Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness welcome. 

Fit Fusion
Krysta Lafferty/Maria Lucey

Fit Fusion is a fun, effective, high-intensity class that will challenge your entire body. Each class will be different and will feature a variety of exercises and equipment. Instructors rotate on a weekly basis so you never know what you’re in for!

Intermediate to advanced levels of fitness welcome.

Maria Lucey

Fitness Interval Training combines all the fitness components of strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and endurance into an action packed class. This station to station approach will provide a workout that gets your heart pumping and is physically challenging.

Intermediate to advanced levels of fitness recommended.

Golf Fitness
Corey Ryan

A class which teaches you golf related strength, mobility and power so you can become a bigger threat on the golf course. This class is taught using the interval method and will test your cardiovascular and strength abilities. I believe the body must be trained in a way to give you the ability to become better at golf. When combined with golf lessons you will be able to succeed at what you failed at before.

Intermediate to advanced levels of fitness welcome.


Senior Fit
Mary Harrison

Come one, come all! Come to this class and get the full experience. Moving your body and lifting your arms, bending your knees or squeezing a ball, Senior Fit is all about having fun, getting some exercise, chatting with friends, listening to upbeat music, breaking out in song or maybe even dancing. We welcome everyone over 50 and we work to help you meet your goals.

Beginner levels of fitness welcome.


Tri Fit
Mary Harrison

Do you like to exercise but get intimidated by the equipment? Do you like to exercise but don’t like the already fit people? Have you never worked out before? This is totally the class for you! Tri Fit is just that . . . it’s a way to try fitness, try cardio, try weights, try balancing, try TRX, and try to get fit.  And there is no way to fail. If you come to class, you have already succeeded!

Beginner and intermediate levels of fitness welcome.

Beth Sheehy

Tone and strengthen in this moderately paced class.  Each session is different, challenging the muscles to perform in a variety of ways. 

Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness welcome.

Chris Weiss

Designed by former Navy SEALs, the total-body resistance exercise system, also known as the TRX Suspension Trainer, uses heavy duty nylon webbing with adjustable straps that allow users to employ their own body weight as resistance. Suspension Training builds strength, balance, flexibility and core stability with hundreds of functional exercises that can easily adjust to all fitness levels.

Intermediate to advanced levels of fitness welcome.

As with any new sport you are interested in learning   – proper technical skill is required for optimal performance. We highly recommend and are available for private One-to-One sessions and/or private group classes.