The Driving Range will be attended to on Mondays following the now weekly schedule of facility mowing in addition to filling divots on both ends of the range tees. This activity typically extends past the 9:00 am tee opening for Mondays play so range activity will be restricted to the artificial mats until maintenance activities are completed. We will also be applying wetting agent to South fairways which customarily is a program scheduled for all greens, tees, and fairways throughout the playing season. This program, along with the addition of sand channel drainage in key areas, assists greatly in moving water through the soil profile and firming conditions for overall play and cart usage.

Lastly, we are continuing with our tree planting programs, concentrating on the screening left of #6 North fairway which we hope to complete by weeks end weather permitting. As most have noticed, we took delivery of some very significant deciduous trees (London Plane) which were offloaded in the lot next to White Village. These trees will supplement the planting left of the #4 South as we near completion of the plantings designated to screen this area from Kirk Road.