During some periods of severe heat, syringing to cool turf is a necessity. Greens and tees can normally be visually monitored for play and can be accomplished between players. Although we can visually monitor the start of a fairway syringe, the area is simply too vast to be able to monitor throughout its function.  With that in mind, this is how the Fairway Syringe Programs work:

Three sprinklers will start across the fairway close to the green. They run for three minutes and progress to the next three. This will uniformly proceed until finished at the tee end of the fairway. The average fairway will take about 30 minutes. The longer par 5s take nearly an hour.

We will do our best and should be able to notify all players that fairway syringes are starting. Once they do, anticipating approximate time and distance will allow players to avoid getting wet.