The crew is seen mowing 3 South fairway, which is one of the wettest on the property.

Due to the recent rain events we have received over the past few days, the golf courses are extremely wet.  Since this past Sunday we have seen over three inches of rain and as you can imagine, the moisture levels are very high.  This has made for difficult conditions with regard to our maintenance procedures the past few days.  The rain events have been so frequent that adequate drying has been unable to occur and each small rain event tips us back over the edge on the moisture scale.  With these conditions in mind, normal maintenance practices have been difficult to accomplish, specifically trying to get fairways mowed.  We were not able to get the big mowers that we typically use for fairway mowing on a large number of the fairways of either course.  Because of these atypical conditions we were forced to resort to out-of-the ordinary measures to accomplish what is considered a standard weekly maintenance practice.  As this picture shows, we switched to walk-behind mowers, typically used to mow greens and tees, to get through the process of mowing fairways.  This was an extremely difficult task for the crew as it required a lot of additional walking that is not normal for a week’s work.  We are very proud of the crew for the extra effort they put forth in this large push to accomplish what is usually a simple task.