The outcome of last month’s aerification on the South Course transpired very well, achieving our goals for thatch management of our major playing surfaces. In particular, the greens received the necessary amount of disturbance that will pay dividends for conditions next season. 

As the winter season begins, so do our programs to improve the grounds for 2020. Activities such as relieving soil compaction or decreasing tree root competition from the golf course roughs will be an on-going process. August and September’s dry weather help identify areas in need of relief as seen in the pictures below, (left to right) to the left of 16 South Fairway, and (2) to the rear of 5 South Green. 

To promote firm ground conditions, we will continue with the fairway drainage program from last year. In addition, we have identified bunker surrounds that will be re-grassed prior to the coming playing season. We have numerous tasks on our docket to achieve in all areas of the Club and hope Mother Nature will cooperate over the next few months. 

On behalf of our grounds staff, we wish you and your families a happy and joyous holiday season!

Jonathan Urbanski
Director of Golf Courses & Grounds